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How to Find the Right Keywords to Rank #1 on Google

I rank number one for one of the most competitive key terms on Google. You chose the wrong keywords to rank number one. How do you find the right keywords to rank number one on Google. 
The first thing I have for you is to enter your competitor's URL, in semrush. What semrush shows you is your most popular page, which is the goal of getting your competition. This will give you an idea of what your competition is doing. If your competition is bigger than you, they might know what they are doing, and they might be chasing keywords and traffic, it converts into leads and sales. You want to make sure you see your strategy before making it yourself. After you find their most popular pages, go get them and go put them to ahrefs. Ahrefs will show you how many links each page has, and you know what the most difficult is to build links? What you want to do is go looking for the most popular pages that have the fewest number of links.

That means it's the page that you need to focus on first. This will give you an idea of all the keywords ranked by your competitors when they don't have many backlinks. That will give you an idea of what you should target first, because they will not only drive you a lot of traffic, but they are competitive leasing because you don't need to build backlinks. The second tip that I have for you is to use Google Search Console. Did you know that Google gives you free tools that help you rank number one? Yes, this is called Google Search Console. It breaks all your rankings, key words to get your page traffic, and even position as page 1, page 2, page 3, six places on page one, right? It breaks down exactly where you rank.

Now the cool part about Google Search Console is that when you dive deep into each of your pages using search analytics, it shows you all the impressions you get for the keywords you use at the bottom of page one. The reason you want to find the keywords you are looking for at the bottom of the first page, it's easier to rank the number one keyword, that you are already on the first page, than looking for new keywords that you are not even in the top hundred. Pursuing new keywords that you are not even in the top 100, is far more work than searching for keywords that you already have.

At the bottom of page one for. Even though you realize that Google Search Console is that you rank a lot of long tail keywords at the bottom of page one, you even need to be considered trying to catch up, but they drive traffic, and they turn visitors into customers. So, once you have these keywords, you want to see them, and Google Search Console shows you all these keywords. You then want to go to your landing page, and make sure that the keyword is in your title tag, your meta description, your heading tag, and in the contents of your page. By doing that, you will slowly begin to increase your ranking for the pages where you are at the bottom of page one. The last tip I have for you to find confusing keywords is to use Google Trends. This is another free tool by Google. It breaks up keyword traffic from web images, news. It breaks down what keywords are getting more popular, and you want to look for keywords that are not yet popular, but that are rising. For example enemies, Apple has a ton of iPhones, right? I don't know what they will release next, but let's say it's an iPhone 100. If they are going to release an iPhone 100, you want to talk about it before everyone talks about it, because when you are one of the first users, one of the factors Google has in determining ranking is time.

It's hard to outrank longer pages. It's not impossible, it's just more difficult, so why not be the first to blog about new terms that aren't popular yet. So, let's say the iPhone 100 will come out. You can blog about it. You can blog about iPhone 100 cases, iPhone 100 applications, new features they have, and even if you don't know everything, only blogs about what you know. You can even make your own predictions. Say you don't even know anything about the iPhone 100. You can write an article about yes, here are my 10 predictions for the iPhone 100. Even if it's wrong, it's OK. You do not lie to people. As long as you take a very good guess, and provide amazing content, people will not have problems. So, write about new keywords that will come, because you will not immediately get traffic from them, but in two, three months, or even a year, you will dominate, because no one else is chasing these keywords before doing so. . Just think of green tea, and acai berries, and all those crazy hot nutrition terms.

Yes, they are really popular now, and that's buzz words, but on that day, no one really looked at them. If you're not sure what keywords are up and down, just tell me the keywords, or link in the comments below using the Google Trends link, and I'll tell you whether they are good keywords, or bad keywords, if it's going up and down, or down. That way you don't waste time writing articles about things that won't be popular. Make sure you explain this presentation, and share it, leave a comment below and I'm there to help you succeed.

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