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SEO Trends in Automation

3 SEO Trends in Automation for 2021

The big thing which everyone knows is everything's moving online. And if you see what people are talking about, a lot of people are just like, everyone's buying online be of COVID, but after COVID, everything's going to go back to normal.

This conception and a lot of people also agree with this, but this conception that what would've happened five years from now of more people adapting online, it just got pushed forward due to COVID.

So that's the first big trend that we're seeing. McKinsey has this whole video and report about this kind of stuff, It's quite interesting, they actually even ran commercials.

But you know, before COVID, commerce...

When we talking about commerce, not just talking about Amazon, talking about commerce, like accounting, people getting business online, all that kind of stuff. Roughly, 12% of commerce was done online. The rest was done offline.

It was still a really small portion, And so that's the first big trend.

 The second big trend that we're seeing is people are starting to use AI and machine learning much more. And everyone's always talked about machine learning and AI, and it's the buzz. And you can have computers write content for you, so you don't have to write content as a marketer or when you're putting products online, the quality still isn't there, but we're really close.

Within a year or two, we're going to see a huge shift in which machine learning and AI can end up doing a lot of the stuff for you, and you won't need as many people in marketing, you can automate a lot of stuff with tools. People that need to hear the Dominique story and see if that resonates with them to see if they want to do business. But you're saying, maybe even not to take away the personal brand, but just to maybe automate some aspects of getting that type of content out.

There's tools out there that can just crank out content on anything, like typed in Quito Lasagna, just random crap, and you'll be shocked on the quality of the article. It wasn't good enough to post. Fast forward two years from now, you it's going to be good enough don't need an editor, and can just use the tool. Now automate everything, but you can take out a lot of aspects and have a lot of these tools do things for you that would've done manually.

Here's example of this, this SEO tool called Ubersuggest, and you can use a lot of the tool for free. The majority of the tools are actually given away for free. When people do SEO, you have to go and modify your code and type in all this stuff, and it gets complicated for most people, and they don't have staff, or they don't know how to code.

Just like you do a Google Analytics, you put this little code on your website, and it tells you how many visits you get in Google analytics. They just click a button, and they install a plugin, make it super simple. With the Shopify, same thing, do it where that little code can modify all their other code on their website,  they don't actually have to make the majority of their own SEO changes.

 You may not get as good as results compared to if you did manually, but if the tool did the majority of it, you're better off than doing nothing. Then you can always have a human go do the remaining portion that can be done in an automatic way. You're going to be better off because you just saved money, and you did it more efficiently.

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