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SEMRush vs ahrefs Keyword Competition Checker Tools

Explain keyword difficulties and how to judge how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords on Google and Bing and other search engines so why do we use href we use sem rush and we use Google's Keyword planner tool.

So for this example we are going to look at this keyword Persian carpet cleaners and we will see Canada as a target, so on Google if you look at the data it gives you high competition so this is definitely not for organic search but for pay-per-click what type gives you how competitive in terms of cost per click and how many people you have competed there many people will see this and assess the competitiveness of organic search but that is not always accurate even though in many circumstances it is so we do is we use other tools like ref ref and SEM rush so I will put keywords here and you can see keyword difficulties for keywords.

SEM rush is fifty one point twenty four and in ATF it's two so these two tools use very different algorithms to calculate the difficulty score or difficulty of the ATF keyword and i have here basically our keyword difficulty score shows you the average number domain referral page rank on the front page of Google so our keyword difficulty metrics give you an estimate of how difficult it is to rank in the top 10 search results for the attention of the keywords given.

I'm not saying number one ranking for a given keyword, I'm saying ranking in the top ten for a given keyword, basically we see how many referring top ten page domains for a given keyword can read some other things here so basically ATF looks at how many links or backlinks the ten leading websites on the first page of Google show them and gives you a score based on that while SEM rushes a little differently they don't see the number of backlinks that this website has ranked on the first page for Persian rug cleaning on rary and this is just the email thread I have with SEM rush to count difficult keyword types, we analyze table domains that rank in the first twenty organic search results for certain keywords based on each website.

Ranking SEM in a hurry, we calculate the strength of this domain and determine the difficulty level of the keyword. SEM rush ranks the website reading based on the estimated organic volume of traffic and the value of paid traffic compared to organic traffic so basically what is done in a hurry and if you try to read about keyword difficulties, they don't explain much whether You say that a percentage from 0 to 100 shows how difficult it is but if you dig a little deeper, you will see the SEM rank in a hurry, so what you see here is here this ranking is calculated by measuring the estimated traffic coming into the domain from all the organic positions that we have for our main database so these people see how much traffic from the top 20 ranked websites for cleaning Persian rugs on Google so they don't see how many backlinks point to this domain.

They only see the amount of traffic based on how many keywords they rank for in search results so this metric is not nearly as accurate in terms of analyzing backlinks as SEM like href so that's why even though the amount of website traffic is an indication of how competitive we are always looking at this this metric before we see this even though we look at both but this metric tells you in terms of how many backlinks you have to make and if you look here in this document you can see on the choice difficulty score scale, you can see if you get 0 up to 10 is easy.

They estimate they have to get 10 domains less than 10 that link to your website remember they don't they don't determine the authority of each of these domains like on your site or should you know they only estimate it is being eleven to thirty six thirty domains one seventy is thirty seven to 200 domains need to show your website to be able to rank in the top 10 search results So this is not visible so if we go here looking for Persian carpet cleaning we can see here are the top 10 so they see all 10 this top here and they find out what is the average number of domains connected to these different websites and they give you an idea of how many backlinks you have to get for your website to appear on the first page so that it won't give you a description of how many backlinks you need to make t four 3 4 or top 5 so the best way to do it is to take this competitor and then now we will go to content trough Explorer sorry Sorry Explorer and then we enter the domain name here and here gives us how many backlinks this website has how many many referral domains it has, so this will show you far better what we need to get how many domains we need to get compared to the previous metric which tells us that we only need to get under 10 domains to be.

On the first page and maybe if you want to get down here somewhere you can't you can do it with under 10 domains but again it will depend on how high the quality of your.

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  1. I will try several domains, maybe 5 or 6 domains, it's too heavy if you do with 10 domains


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