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Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress Plugins

ApinaPress as a wordpress plugin and a part of Wealthy Affiliate, and I have been around many people who are new to Wordpress. A lot of the time people will decide that they need to install a plugin for every conceivable thing, from menus to YouTube embedding, when a lot of these functions are already available within Wordpress or can be added with a minimal amount of code if the user has some basic knowledge of coding.

If you are encoding out of range, the number of plugins can be limited by finding and using quality free or premium themes, one which has incorporated aspects of plugins into it like being able to input your Google analytics code or inbuilt image sliders.

Why not to use too many plugins

Unless you have a super tuned server, and continually monitor the responses you are getting, you really want to limit the number of plyugins that you use. Too many pluygins can slow down your page load speed – which doesnt only affect your visitors experience, it can adversley affect your SEO as Google places some importance on your page load times.

Not only that but the more plugins you have, especially free plugins, there more likely things might go wrong either with conflicts between plugins and theme or when Wordpress is updated and the plugins aren’t and break.

Ideal Starting Plugins

Basic plugins are not usually found built into themes and  Still need a starter is as follows:

Akismet: Already in your Wordpress install, Akismet is superb at keeping spam comments at bay.

All in One SEO: One of the best SEO optimising tools out there.

WP-DBManager: An easy way to schedule backups of your wordpress site

cbnet Ping Optimizer: Optimizes pings so that you dont get mistakenly accused of ping spam by search engines

Google XML Sitemaps: Easy to use sitemap builder, making life easier for 'spiders' and making your site more SEO friendly.

W3 Total Cache: Helps to speed up your sites page load times.

Of course there are other plugins out there that people can't live without or are needed for a specific site, but the aim of this article is to try and encourage you to keep them limited, and focused. Look for an affiliate marketing wordpress theme that is feature rich, look to the wordpress codex or Google to see if soemthing is possible within wordpress first, before you look to get necessary Wordpress plugins.

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